Thirst Planet [Demo]

by Thirst Planet

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First demo of the Thirst Planet trio.
Bass + Vocals: Leonid Mickoliuk.
Guitar: Anton Dor.
Drums: Bar Schmilovich.

"This is Thirst Planet's first recording and I have to say, it shows a lot of promise. Firstly, the recording is pretty good for a demo, and captures the sound of a band firmly entrenched in stoner territory. There is enough of a groove here, particularly with my favourite track of the two on offer "Dry Tank'. It is a prerequisite for bands of this ilk to occasionally foray into doom, and Thirst Planet does just that. This helps to keep both tracks varied which is quite unusual for new bands, who usually try and keep it safe and stick to a tried and trusted formula. I particularly like the tone that emanates from the guitar of Anton Dor, it has a sufficiently gnarly and grainy sound which adds to the heaviness of this demo."
- Steve from "The Shrieks from Below" / "The Grip of Delusion Radio".


released June 14, 2016

Artwork by: Boris Haimov.

Recording info:
Drums recorded at Polar Studio (Ludoviko Studio), Tel-Aviv.
Recording of: vocals, guitar and bass by Bar Schmilovich.
Mixing by: Bar Schmilovich.

© 2016 by Thirst Planet. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Thirst Planet Nazareth Iliit, Israel

Thirst Planet formed in December of 2014 in Nazareth-Illit. First Demo released in June of 2016.

Vocals + Bass: Leonid Mickoliuk. Guitar: Anton Dor.
Drums: Boris Rozenberg.

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Track Name: Muddy Feet
The wind in the woods
The dusk in the sand
I've been there before

Alone in the mud
It led me astray
For once in the meantime
Forgotten the way

The soil guides the way
The path ahead
To knowing
Back to myself

And though I see all over
The mist takes over
Lie down and set my feet
Track Name: Dry Tank
Pour me more fuel
I need to feed my motor
Gotta get on my way in time
Gotta get on my way in time
Gotta get on my way in time
For everything I left behind

It took a while
To pass this mile
Will take forever to get back
In a one way road we drive
In a one way road we drive
In a one way road we drive
Another chapter, different tide

Just one more time
Add in some lime
A toast to making up my mind
The engine's warm and fine
The engine's warm and fine
The engine's warm and fine
A new dawn is near, until the other time